Side By Side Refrigerators without a Water Dispenser

February 13, 2012: Added list of refrigerators without dispensers and physical stores where these refrigerators have been sighted to the bottom of the page.

Side by side refrigerators have become the trend for modern families today. They are sleek, stylish, and very functional appliances for the home. The most popular models feature water dispensers & ice makers, but side by side refrigerators without water dispensers or "non dispensing side by side refrigerators" are still very popular among consumers. Water Dispensers on side by side refrigerators are popular items because they are sold as convenience items, and most people think the water is filtered making it safer to drink. In reality, it's just as easy to get ice out of the automatic ice maker and install a PUR Water filter on your kitchen faucet and buy a side by side refrigerator with no dispenser instead. The biggest problem with refrigerators today is that the dispensers on side-by-side models tend to break down and are replaced more often than any other component in the refrigerator. For those who don't want a water dispenser, but do want an ice maker, you CAN  buy a  unit with an icemaker but with none of the problems associated with the water dispenser models. It is difficult to find side by side refrigerators without dispensors but not impossible.

If you run across any refrigerators without water dispensers please leave a comment below or contact us to let us know where you found it and we'll add it to the bottom of this post! Check out this link to look for refrigerators without water dispensers at

Here are some affordable Side-By-Side Refrigerators with no water dispensers from, a trusted source for buying appliances online. These were the only 4 cost efficient options out of hundreds of models.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators without dispensers:

Save $$$ Money on "like new" refurbished Non Dispensing Side By Side Refrigerators from Sears Outlet:

List of offline (brick & morter) stores where these models have been spotted from visitors:

  1. Sears
  2. K-Mart


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15 Responses to Side By Side Refrigerators without a Water Dispenser

  1. Marian Cortesi says:

    You say there are plenty of side-by-side refrigerators without water dispensers, but show just one and it’s not available. This website didn’t help my quest at all!

    • admin says:

      Hi Marian, thanks for the comment. I’ve updated the link to available refrigerators, but you are right, it is incredibly difficult to find a unit without a water and ice dispensor. We’re working on a total redesign of this site, and we hope to include better information on where to find this type of refrigerator.

    • Kelli OToole says:

      I agree with Marian, My mom wants a side by side in bisque, no dispensers-
      even most of the white ones are over $1600.00
      Boo Hiss

  2. Pat says:

    We saw a side by side refrigerator without a water dispenser at Sears. I don’t remember the brand.
    However it did not have an automatic icemaker – you had to manually make ice using icecube trays.

    • admin says:

      Hey Pat, thanks for commenting. I’ll add that bit of info to the post. Have a great day!

    • cathy says:

      that is what no or non dispensing is and what I am looking for. The water and ice units take more to run and cool. They also require more cleaning or get nasty. I can keep water inside and make ice cubes. When your the only person (Family has moved on to their own lives and husband has died) you don’t need fancy you need
      economical, energy saving unit. The makers have lost sight of needs of single seniors, and that is sad

  3. julie. says:

    I would LOVE to hear of any other side by sides without water/ice in door!! I am forced to have a side by side in our kitchen due to an island, but I really HATE having ice& water on the door. More trouble than they are worth, hard to clean, filers are expensive, break down, etc. I’m fine using cube trays and drinking water from my brita pitcher!

    • admin says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for commenting. We’ve just updated the post with several models that feature refrigerators without water dispensers. Also, I just realized it’s time to change my brita filter, thanks for the reminder!

  4. Jana says:

    Sears/K-mart sell a Kenmore side by side without a dispenser or ice maker for about $1400, which is $300-400 more than frigerators with the added features. You actually have to pay more to get less – go figure!

    • cathy says:

      They are forcing you to their way of living and once you go it will cost you even more
      for parts that fail, electric to run, and your time to keep it all cleaned

  5. Louise Vail says:

    I need to replace my refrigerator and would love to have your brand of a side-by-side without a water/ice despenser.To me its more sleek and elegant to see. The water despenser is usually hard to clean and I really don’t like the feature.

  6. myrna says:

    We bought Kitchen Aide side-by-side stainless 21.5 cu. ft. refrigerator without a water dispenser and without an ice maker but there is an option available to include the ice maker. We needed the small size. This was the only one we could find and bought it from a private local dealer. Sears has an equivalent Kenmore one but the stainless on the Kitchen Aide is nicer. Ours works very well and is quiet.

  7. Cassie Griffin says:

    we saw a 4 door fridge w NO icemaker/water dispensor when we were in lowes up in arkansas. really really need that kind, but cant seem to locate any brand that has that on their website. does anyone know what brand might make these?

  8. Joyce says:

    I found 2 or 3 models at Sears,but they’re all too tall. I have an older home with a recessed spot, for the refrigerator, with cabinets on either side and above. All the side by sides are too tall by 1 or 2 inches,but eliminating storage space to make more room isn’t an option.. Also that side of the room has no water connection, so even if I settled for ice and/or water, it wouldn’t do me any good.

  9. Esther says:

    I am looking for a side-by-side stainless steel counter depth refrigerator without water dispenser. The only one I have seen is over $2k. Any help?

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